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Welcome to the blog!

So what this blog is all about? First, let’s tell you a bit about our company; Social Strategy.

Social Strategy Ltd. is a digital marketing provider based in Qatar. Our main three business lines are:

  • Social media marketing and management
  • Mobile apps development
  • Website development and management

Now, although there are many other providers of similar services in the region, but what we believe sets us apart is our approach; as we look at technology as only tools and means to achieve a goal, which in most cases is increasing the client’s brand equity through digital.

Technology today provides amazing new opportunities. The integration of social, web and mobile gives you direct access to consumers and shortens your time to market massively. However, with these new opportunities come new challenges; you are expected to be online 24/7, and since you are exposed to the world through your digital channels, it means you are also exposed to criticism not to mention competition. You have to act fast and to have a plan.

Social Strategy helps you plan your digital initiatives by aligning them to your corporate goals and understanding your target audience. To learn more about our services, please visit: www.social-strategy.co; we’ll be happy to work together.

As for this blog, it is intended to reflect our unique philosophy in adapting digital and social media in particular into your organization. Terms such as social business are now used to describe organizations that, not only have presence on social media, but rather utilize this medium to truly have a conversation between the employees of all levels and the market in large in an organized, effective manner.

The title of the blog “lead & inspire” refers to how new digital and social media technologies are inspiring organizations around the world for new opportunities that never existed before, and by utilizing these technologies, these organizations are leading others.

We are really inspired by the digital transformation and we would like to share some of it here. We also would appreciate your active participation whether by commenting or suggesting new ideas/content. And of course don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and visit our social media channels.

So let’s take this journey together!