The core of our delivery is centered around storytelling. People like to hear your brand/product story. Stories are engaging, fun, create emotional connection, and most importantly; they answer the “why” people should deal with your brand/product.

We create visual stories to connect you to your audience.


Our services are centered around creating engaging content that makes your brand stand from competition. We do this by delivering high quality media
that communicates your messages.

We provide high quality animation to
suit your communication objectives.
2D/3D, motion graphics, and other
types are used to tell your business
story and impress your audience.

Presentation videos are a great way to
communicate with your target audience.
A presentation can contain text, images,
videos, data, voiceover, and visual/audio
effects. You can use it for indoor promo-
tion, send it over to clients, or play it in

Videos are a great way to promote your
business. We add visual/audio effects,
branding, enhance quality, and make
necessary changes to deliver professional
videos. We can also add animated
elements such as videographic data or
effects to your videos.

If it’s digital-related, most probably we
can do it for you. If we can’t, we won’t
take the job. If you request something
but we think it might not be suitable for
you, we’ll tell you so.

In addition to the mentioned, we also
provide the following services:

• Digital consulting
• Branding
• Social media management & marketing
• Web
• Mobile apps





Do you find any synergies? We would like to take it further with you.

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Applications for animation are vast. But we believe they can be categorized into one of four uses: Sales, branding, education, or communication.

Animation and video can help you promote
your products, generate leads, convert
customers or trigger call-to-action.

Summarize long info and present it in an
easy-to-understand form. Use animation
to nurture your staff, business partners,
and customers.

Use animation to create brand awareness,
increase loyalty, and generate overall
impact and goodwill.

Good content is the core of any successful
content marketing strategy. Use animation
and video to enrich your content assets.
Create engaging, attractive, emotional, and
fun content





Let’s discuss how we can translate your needs visually.

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Despite the classical view of motion graphics’ usage as mainly for corporate introductions or video explainers only, we believe there are so many wide
usages of animation that, if applied correctly, can be a great addition to an organization’s internal and external communication strategy.

Think of those moments at the beginning of
movies when you see those majestic cinematic
logos of production companies. Boy, that’s
really a strong branding element!

We create strong logo animation with sound
to make your brand stand out. You can add
that animation to all your visual elements such
as social media, at the beginning or end of
presentations, videos, etc.

HR departments can utilize animation/videos
to communicate with staff. Different usages
are suitable for this including recruitment
process description, new employee onboarding,
work processes description, etc. Communicating
with business partners can also be much easier.
Examples include: Supplier registration process,
product/service description, support, etc.

We can add effects to your videos to make
them more engaging and professional. Even
still images can come to life with special
effects such as adding 3D depth and animating,
cinemagraphs, motion graphics, visual and
sound effects, etc.

Video is a trend for a successful social media
content strategy. Let’s add some movement
to your channels. We provide short (up to
10-15 seconds) animation or visual effects’
videos. Examples can be contests, product
specific, or any brand-related.

Examples of the scenarios animation/video can be used for:

• Animated pictures (add
animation effects to still
• Logo animation
• Video animation (adding
effects to video content)
• Corporate motion graphics
• Products/services video

• Contests
• Website animation/motion
• Indoor screen promotional
• Animated presentation-style
• Social media short motion
graphic clips
• Events animated presentations/
motion graphics

• Animated ads
• Employee educational/training
• HR/admin/recruitment processes
explainer videos
• Supplier processes explainer videos
• Interactive help animation (for kiosks
& screens)
• And many more…

Character-style motion graphics are widely
used for corporate videos or product
explainers. Applications are endless and
unique to the organization’s own situation.
We create storyboard, script, unique
characters, animation, voiceover, and visual
and audio effects to make compelling motion
graphic videos.

Educational materials can be more engaging
with animation. Creative solutions can also
be made for interactive help, kiosks, etc.

Instead of boring PowerPoint presentations,
how about standing out by a video presen
tation that is packed with video-graphics,
images, animation, etc. that can either be
self-run or you can run it yourself at events.
Video presentations are also a great indoor
promotional tool on screens.

Need to add some energy to your website?
Video/animation might be just the answer.
We create engaging videos to run as back
ground to your homepage or on it.










How would you apply animation? Does any of the scenarios above interest you? Do you need to apply it in a different way

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We provide combined/vertical packages for customers with specific needs. If you have a need for multi-service need then we can talk.
We can even make a unique package that suits your needs.

For customers with ongoing needs, we suggest
a yearly/monthly package where we combine
several services together for an agreed price.
This is more convenient and cost effective.
For example: We can provide a weekly animated
clip for your social media channels, or a monthly
presentation video, etc.

As a startup, you need to promote your brand
and offerings. We combine several services
together that your startup usually needs:

• Logo animation
• Corporate presentation
• Product video explainer

If you have a social media ad campaign
planned out and you need some creative
work specific for that campaign, we can
help by delivering videos/graphic/anima-
tion in different formats for different

Make your participation in an event such
as an exhibition stand out (pre, during,
and post the event). We help you by provi-
ding the following services:

• Logo animation
• Corporate presentation
• Social media short animated clips
• Video explainer





Do you find any of the packages above meeting your need? Do you need a different package

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Want to keep up to date with the latest digital strategies, insights, and case studies? Just enter your e-mail address to sign up to our newletter.

© 2020 SocialStrategy Ltd. All Rights Reserved