Social Strategy Donates Computers – Ihsan Social Good CSR

Doha, 9 January 2017: As part of its ongoing contribution to the community and part of its “Ihsan Social Good” corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, Social Strategy Ltd. has recently donated a number of used computers to a local charity to be given to those in need.

Our CEO, Mr. Murhaf Taia explained: “Social Strategy strongly believes in giving back to the community. We are proud in taking this concept from our culture. In fact, our CSR program, “Ihsan Social Good,” is named after the Arabic word “Ihsan” which means to exceed the expectations when accomplishing a task, and this is a core concept in our culture/religion. Moreover, in Social Strategy, we feel that we have something unique to contribute, because honestly any company can donate computers, but we look forward to provide a special touch by providing the benefits of digital transformation the country currently witnesses to those who do not have the means to acquire it. We also look forward to working with other organizations; academic, governmental, and commercial to deliver integrated social initiatives on a larger scale that can benefit the community as a whole.”


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