Doritos – Integrating Social Media with Advertising Strategy

Sometimes I get to wonder what makes some products more successful than others that have very similar features and covering the same market. Marketing genius lays in just that; creating a differentiation from other similar products. Brands do that by altering the perception of target market. Better yet, if you could use feedback from the target market and content generated by your consumers to understand the motivation about your product and use it to create the perception you desire them to reach about you/your product, well, then you could conquer the market.

Doritos is an example of a successful brand (Doritos is a product of Frito-Lay Corporation) that utilizes user-generated content (UGC) to create a positive perception.


“Crash the Super Bowl”

When we talk about user generated content and Doritos, the first thing that probably comes to mind is “Crash the Super Bowl.” For those who don’t know what this is, every year for almost a decade now, Doritos asks its fans, to send their own 30-second Doritos spot with a simple guideline: just make it awesome and show the love for the brand. A panel chooses ten videos to enter the final round, and then the Doritos fans across the world have the chance to vote and choose the winner through social media. Every year the prizes are different. Last year, the winner was given the chance to win $1 million dollars, his/her commercial shown in the Super Bowl event in US and a job at Universal Studios.


What’s special about its campaigns?

The most successful brands know how to evolve with their consumer base, while those that sink tend to miss the mark. Listening to your audience can help mold your future marketing strategy. Overall, UGC marketing campaigns give brands insight into how their users talk, what they want, and who they are.

For Doritos, creating brand value through content co-creation has worked as a great strategy. Rather than paying an ad agency, they prefer to crowdsource.

By asking their users to submit their own interpretation of what Doritos means to them, the brand got a unique insight into their customers’ language, personality, pain points, and wants and needs.


Reasons for success

  1. Use of user-generated content as a base for advertising campaign
  2. Creating brand loyalty and goodwill
  3. Use of UGC to create contest campaigns that converted fans into brand advocates and increased reach to fans’ families and friends through social media

Inspiration for us

  • User-generated campaigns build buzz before and after big events
  • Integrate your ad strategy with social media
  • Trust & empower your fanbase


Let’s hear from you, any thoughts on this?