Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017 – Top 11

Many industry experts had a lot of predictions for 2016 in digital; some turned out to be true while many didn’t. As we enter 2017, a lot of people contributed their predictions for this year. Here we present our own list of predictions:

  1. Top social networks: Facebook to remain on top of social media throne due to the huge growth as the platform continues to provide tools & features to attract new users while retaining existing ones who can’t live without it. Twitter has been struggling lately and seems will continue to do so in 2017 unless it makes some serious changes. Google Plus (if you still remember it) is almost dead but until it’s officially announced so, we recommend that you keep at least a minimum appearance there since it helps your brand in search results. We will continue to enjoy the fierce competition between Snapchat & Instagram as both keep adding new features and copying each other, and Telegram is showing nice innovations in face of WhatsApp although the latter keeps a much larger market share
  2. Chatbots: Chatbots will be a trend in 2017, but don’t expect to be talking to Scarlett Johansson in Her anytime soon
  3. VR & AR (virtual reality & augmented reality): This technology is not progressing as people want; its use will increase, but it is unlikely to develop beyond a niche market in 2017
  4. Wearables: The tech is improving with cheaper, more attractive product design, and more people will embrace wearables. It doesn’t seem to becoming a mainstream concern by year end though. Having said that, usage will continue to rise slowly
  5. Mobile first: This is not surprising. The relentless increase of users accessing the web through mobile means its importance continues
  6. The Internet of Things (IoT): There are billions of connected devices, from thermostats to smart cars. The Internet of Things has some exciting early uses. There are industries that are seeing a lot of value from IoT, but for most people it’s a slow crawl. Developments will continue to creep into our lives, but it feels like people are expecting too much too soon
  7. Social selling: Invasion of e-Commerce to social media platforms due to the massive number of active users who have the power to buy and confidence in the platforms. Facebook & Instagram to lead on this
  8. More video & Live video: Facebook has driven profits by embracing video, and is likely to continue. Twitter is tying boost their revenue through video as well. Also, there will be an increase of live video broadcasting usage across social media platforms by brands & individuals as many networks are promoting their live video quite heavily, and it’s something that will stand out in the saturated world of content
  9. Digital advertising spend: Investment in digital advertising online to continue rising and surpassing TV, as per the latest stats it’s estimated to exceed $191 billion global wise
  10. Influencer marketing: Brands will rely on real-world influencer events and activations to build more organic, non-scripted content with higher engagement, while agencies gravitate toward livestreaming and real-time social media platforms. At the same time, brands will become increasingly dependent on micro-influencers with high engagement in niche verticals, which will be utilized in mass quantities (thousands per campaign) to generate more organic and engaging content
  11. Increased personalization: Big data can have a variety of uses, one of them being personalized customer experience and marketing. The personalization of Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify show how data can be used to improve the customer experience. This level of one-to-one marketing will slowly become more prevalent as brands weigh opportunity and cost and find ways of introducing it into their messaging. We will see more use of marketing automation as well


Let’s hear from you, any thoughts on this?

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