Doritos – Integrating Social Media with Advertising Strategy

Sometimes I get to wonder what makes some products more successful than others that have very similar features and covering the same market. Marketing genius lays in just that; creating a differentiation from other similar products. Brands do that by altering the perception of target market. Better yet, if you could use feedback from the target market and content generated by your consumers to understand the motivation about your product and use it to create the perception you desire them to reach about you/your product, well, then you could conquer the market. Doritos is an example of a successful brand (Doritos is a product
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Private Social Networks – Or Online Forums 2.0

I remember the good old days long before social networks such as Facebook or Twitter were created; we used to collaborate in communities through online forums. Forums existed in all topics and they provided platforms for people with common interests to communicate freely outside the inflexible frame of the corporate website. You might see forums integrated with company websites to cover specific areas such as customer support or member discussion to allow free feedback from community members or product users for that matter. This has changed a bit with the introduction of open social networks such as Facebook. People discovered more freedom with more features
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Threadless – Digital For Crowdsourcing Success

Threadless_LogoWe talk all the time about how digital technology can be used to make a true transformation in our communities. The fact is, however, most of businesses and governmental organizations use modern technology in the most traditional manner; build a brochure-type website, use social media in one communication direction only to promote your own services, or build a mobile app to be a website-copy installed in your audiences’ devices. True value is not really there. One exception is in the case of Threadless. In case you have never heard of it before, Threadless ( is an apparel company/online community of artists and an
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Welcome & Intro

about us Welcome to the blog! So what this blog is all about? First, let’s tell you a bit about our company; Social Strategy. Social Strategy Ltd. is a digital marketing provider based in Qatar. Our main three business lines are:
  • Social media marketing and management
  • Mobile apps development
  • Website development and management
Now, although there are many other providers of similar services in the region, but what we believe sets us apart is our approach; as we look at technology as only tools and means to achieve a goal, which in most cases is increasing the client’s brand equity through digital. Technology today provides amazing new opportunities. The integration of
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