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Doritos – Integrating Social Media with Advertising Strategy

Sometimes I get to wonder what makes some products more successful than others that have very similar features and covering the same market. Marketing genius lays in just that; creating a differentiation from other similar products. Brands do that by altering the perception of target market. Better yet, if you could use feedback from the […]

Threadless – Digital For Crowdsourcing Success

We talk all the time about how digital technology can be used to make a true transformation in our communities. The fact is, however, most of businesses and governmental organizations use modern technology in the most traditional manner; build a brochure-type website, use social media in one communication direction only to promote your own services, […]

Welcome & Intro

Welcome to the blog! So what this blog is all about? First, let’s tell you a bit about our company; Social Strategy. Social Strategy Ltd. is a digital marketing provider based in Qatar. Our main three business lines are: Social media marketing and management Mobile apps development Website development and management Now, although there are […]